Teacher Training

I looked out to the mountains, I felt more alive and authentic then I had ever felt before and overflowing with a realisation that I had never encountered before. It was a sense of wanting to share something genuinely from my heart and I was ready to become a teacher – Sivaroshan – on KY training at ANS school Mountain Ashram

Kundalini Yoga teacher training is a journey of confrontation and empowerment.  It is a ‘360-degree’ training that takes you through the anatomy of a Yoga Kriya, meditation, the chakras, humanology and much more. It asks questions of you in a healthy way so that you have the stimulus to really think about your life.  It is liberating and rewarding and can change your life.  It provides tools firstly to transform yourself and then the framework for you to touch another as a teacher.



Do you have to want to be teacher to join?

There is no requirement to teach. Many do the training without that intention. All you need is a desire to learn and an openness to apply and evaluate new knowledge.

Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) International Kundalini Yoga school was founded by Karta Singh and has schools throughout Europe. Har Nal Kaur is the lead trainer for the UK. Trainings are run over six weekends in London and conclude with a week’s training in the French mountains. For more information please visit Har Nal’s website www.harnalkaur.co.uk or email me for more information.