‘Way of the Heart’ 2 Day Healing Workshop


A two day course for personal healing & transformation
August 23rd & 24th 2014, 9.30am – 5.30pm
Price – £190 (Early Bird if booked by 1st August 2014 £160)
Venue: The Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, London, N5 1JT.

The heart can be our compass in life. It has an intuition that is connected to our soul; it has the ability to ‘just know’. Unraveling its mystery is the key to mastery. The heart is neither body nor spirit, it is of both; the energies of heaven and earth collide there, a powerful meeting of polarities yet we hear nothing but ‘Unstruck Sound’? It is of the subtle realm of feelings; it is not quantifiable by the rational; to access it requires sensitivity, vulnerability and courage.

In this course we tap into the wisdom of masters who lived in the heart. The ‘Essenes’ were a mystical group from which Jesus is said to have been raised. They offer a unique insight into the path of Jeshua; as well as the powerful spiritual role of Mary Magdalene. The great teachers from India and the Far East have long mastered the path of compassion & love; we connect with them in a way that is free from Dogma. The angels also give us their way!

Their stories can inspire, but the truth is, this wisdom is already in us; we have just forgotten and it is now time to remember! This course offers a unique combination of archetypal teaching, energy transmissions and meditations to awaken the heart.
The Masters & Angels Series

Course Summary

  • Over 2 days you will receive attunements & energy transmissions to help calibrate you to the healing vibration of the Ascended Master or Angel we are working with.
  • Embody the hearts wisdom; clear blocks around fear, love, prosperity etc.
  • Lots of space to receive deep healing energies into the physical and energetic body. Transmissions are generally received while you are lying down and comfortable.
  • Workbook containing info on the Angels and Ascended Masters we work with.
  • Meditations, discussions and features to integrate insights and clearings.

This course is a suitable for anyone wishing to go on a journey of inner change. It will help existing healers enhance their work through connecting to Ascended Masters and Angels. This course is for personal transformation.
Sivaroshan began exploring the world of guides, angels and masters to understand how they could help in his work as a healer. He has trained in numerous modalities of healing including Ascended Master, Angelic and Metatronic. Today he has developed his own style of healing. His journey from City worker to yoga teacher and healer has given him a unique insight into applying this knowledge in the everyday world.
To Book please email: sivaroshan11@gmail.com or call 07967 126338.

What to Bring
The venue has lots of blankets and cushions, but feel free to bring along your favourite yoga mat or comfy shawl. A Notebook and Pen. Comfortable clothing for the day.

Payment Options
Early Bird Before 1st August : Price £160; After 1st August: Price £190
Please email Sivaroshan to check availability and for payment details.

Event Workshop Details

When Sat August 23 & Sun Augustl 24th, 2014 09:30am to 5:30pm
Where ‘The Skylight Centre’, 49 Corsica Street, London, N5 1JT
Status Confirmed

*book direct with relevant centre