‘Realise Your Light’ – 2 Day Healing Workshop

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‘Realise you light’
Masters & Angels
– A two day course for personal healing & transformation –
October 22nd  & 23rd 2016, 10am till 5pm
Price – £200 (Early Bird if booked by 22nd September 2016  £180)

We are living in the dawn of the Aquarian age.   To be successful we need to ‘just be’ and embody our divine truth.  The world is changing before our eyes and we need to find a way to change with it.   In this workshop we allow ourselves to be graced by the healing energy of ascended masters and angels.  They are here to help us in this time of change, to realise our true nature of light, love and divinity.  The archetypal wisdom of the Ascended masters and Angels, ‘stirs’ our inner knowing. Through receiving transmissions of healing energy, old patterns, fears and doubts are released. Theses energies awaken in us a clearer realisation of our gifts. It is also a journey of learning to surrender and receive love.

Course Summary for 2 days

  • 6 attunements and energy transmissions calibrating you to the healing vibration of the Ascended Masters/ Angels we are working with.
  • Develop clarity of purpose and clear restrictive patterns around fear, love, prosperity etc.
  • Lots of space to receive deep healing energies into the physical and energetic body.  Transmissions are generally received while you are lying down and comfortable.
  • Workbook containing info on the Angels and Ascended Masters we work with.
  • Meditations, discussions and features to integrate insights and clearings.

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to go on a journey of inner change.  It will also help existing healers enhance their work through connecting to Ascended Masters and Angels.  This initial course is for personal transformation; subsequent courses will look to develop further themes around personal growth or practical healing.

Sivaroshan began exploring the world of guides, angels and masters to understand how they could help in his work as a healer.  He has trained in numerous modalities of healing including Reike, Seicheem, Sat Nam Rasayan, Ascended Master, Angelic and Metatronic.   Today he has developed his own style of healing.  His journey from City worker to yoga teacher and healer has given him a unique insight into applying this knowledge in the everyday world.   Booking visit:

Event Workshop Details

When Sat October 22 & Sun October 23, 2016 10:00am to 5:00pm
Where Barbican Cave, Unit 1 Lauderdale Tower, Beech Street, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8BY
Status Confirmed

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