Enter The Dragon – Kundalini Yoga Workshop


Enter the Dragon. We run and run, sometimes we run like Forest Gump, but unlike Forest who runs out of innocence obeying something beyond him. We are running away from the dragon; the dragon of our karma. This deep mystical creature has no limits and cannot be out run, however hard we try. At some point we all have to face the dragon! The irony is the sooner you face the dragon, the sooner you see the dragon for what it truly is; a creature of great wisdom that offers you the chance of self-initiation; to find your own wisdom. Enter into its white flames and fight to learn the lessons of your life that you chose in this incarnation; Enter the Dragon. Cultivate the spirit of the warrior, build calibre, leadership and creativity…it starts with courage. In this Kundalini Yoga workshop we face our karma, we re-define our relationship with it, we allow ourselves to transcend its challenge.


N.B. This is also a title of a Bruce Lee file; those Bruce Lee fans who know the film may even see the karmic overtones within the film…..:-)



Full Day Workshop – Location and Dates TBC – £75