Chakra symbology & Kundalini Yoga

Metaphysical Symbols

Saturday 25th January 2014 – 9:30am – 14:30pm

Investment: £50, to book in advance call us on 020 7267 6188 or Online. email  Venue: Sadhaka Yoga Centre, The stables Market, Camden,  London, NW1 8AH. Web:

Chakras are ’spinning wheels of energy’ that are often talked about in yoga and healing.  However , are they just a myth of ancient teachings or are they real?

This workshops looks at the 7 principal chakras located along the spine and how they operate esoterically, mentally and emotionally.  Each chakra is associated to a symbol that conveys power and deep meaning, they can touch us beyond words and help awaken our understanding and inner truths.  We shall evaluate these symbols and unearth their significance.  This is also a practical workshop where we will use Kundalini yoga to achieve a direct experience of each chakra; moving through myth into reality to see how our lives can be enhanced through an understanding of the chakras.  The workshop ends with a deep Chakra Energy Healing.

Sivaroshan Sahathevan is a KRI level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher.  He trained through the ‘Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) School’  and is part of the London ANS teacher Training team.

Sivaroshan looks to bring the essence of everyday life into his classes, sharing Kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations that are relevant to the challenges we face in the world. His knowledge of the esoteric such as numerology & astrology, his experience as an energy healer and his background in the corporate world, enables him to build a bridge of understanding for a wide range of people.  He directs his teaching to inspire students to catch a glimpse of their own true self.