Brahm Kavach Japa Retreat in France


In ancient cultures the rectitation of a mantra or japa is an opportunity for harmonius metomorphisis, by utilising this meditative gate way in time. No place is better than mother Earth and her healing vibrations. Living in the womb of nature allows a detox from the mental, physical stresses of these times, to re-centre. Combined with organic foods, yoga, meditations, and use of sacred food, this time can let the true experience of the self shine through. In this gathering of new people and new forms this is an opportunity to open the heart, and provide a strong back-bone for prosperity for the rest of the year.


Event Retreat Details

When Thu Aug 22, 2013 to Tue Aug 27, 2013
Where Domaine Le Martinet 38650 St. Michel Les Portes France
Status Confirmed

*book direct with relevant centre