Private Yoga

You may wish to have a personalised yoga session to work on a specific area in your life (i.e. stress reduction, breathing, energy and vitality, physical fitness, spiritual development etc.). Kundalini Yoga is perfect for this. There are over 4000 published kriyas and meditations that we can use to develop a programme that will work for you.



We begin with a discussion to find out what your goals and needs are. I then create a programme for you, which includes physical kriyas, meditations, Pranayama techniques and relaxation. For optimal benefits this can include a self-practise programme, to be completed in your own time.

I can deliver personal sessions at yoga studios and at your home* Alternatively, we also cater for group classes taught at home with friends.

*Home visits £75 per 60 mins, £90 for 90 mins. View Store