“Two Doves” – Energy Healing


When Two Doves landed on my balcony one afternoon; I had a realisation that the root of all healing stemmed from our longing to belong. The doves symbolised my work as a healer and teacher. The Dove is symbolic of peace; as a pair love; but as they fly in perfect unison they symbolise 11 the mastery of our relationship with the infinite – the true source of all longing.

We are in the Aquarian age a time of ‘awakening’. Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides have been preparing for this, they are making themselves available to help humanity adapt to living in a new planetary frequency. It is needed as we will face powerful polarities of separation both internal and external; the only way through is to invest in our authenticity.

The world of energy, ascended masters and angels  is open to all.  More and more of us are feeling the call to spread our wings and really live the lives we want. Whether you are a beginner or already established in the fields of esoteric teaching or healing: our mission is to help you strengthen your sensitive field and ability to connect to the higher realms directly.

The trainings, workshops and consultations that I offer, are all geared to empower you to shift old patterns through raising your vibrational frequency; understanding your life path and empowering yourself to accept the gifts and destiny that await you.


Group classes

A fantastic way to experience the power of healing. I have long felt that groups do not come together by chance. There is an exchange of wisdom and healing that often happens. It’s a great way to make friends and talk openly to people about your experiences in this field.

Skylight Centre, near Highbury & Islington Tube


Last Wednesday of the month* 6.45pm – 8.15pm (£10)

*Book via meet-up.

The Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT


Private consultations

A good way to work through a specific problem, with more focus and intensity. During a session, I talk with you about the problem, block or issue that you are working with. I often use numerology or astrology to help frame the challenge and bring clarity to the approach that will be used during the session. Private Consultations can take place at one of my venues in London*/ Glastonbury or by distance via Skype.  Book a Session

*London venue to be available in 2017 – contact me for details.

Two Doves Energy Healing Courses

2-3 day energy awareness training (for Beginners and advanced practitioners) that focuses on developing your Sensory field and vibrational frequency for the Aquarian age. The training will help cultivate your capacity to feel into the causal realm (the home of our soul) and tap into the guidance & healing offered by The Higher Self, Ascended Masters and Angels. It will allow you to connect directly to the energies offered for self-development and for the healing of others. Current available courses – Realise Your Light, Way of the Heart*, The Guru.

*“Way of the Heart” – 11/12th February 2017  at the Barbican Cave – contact me to Book your place (limited to 12 people)

way-of-heart_cover-final-file_191216_25percentsmaller coming soon realise your light


This intimate gathering provides the perfect environment for personal growth. Guided by Sivaroshan and supported by the whole group, I feel safe and open to my feelings and the feelings of those around me. It’s very beautiful. The classes are relaxing and very deep, as Sivaroshan knows how to feel the group’s energy, taking it where it needs to go. In this group, everyone matters and all of us benefit equally. – Mariana

“Sivaroshan’s workshops are truly amazing. With a unique simplicity, humility and gentleness he made me not only discover my beautiful inner world and strength but also other realms. A real healing for me, a real confirmation that we are guided and helped beyond our imagination.”– Sophie

“Trust that when you cross the path of this ‘old soul’, That he will impart beauty, love & wisdom. Trust that you shall find healing & happiness in your heart.” – Nam Hari


For more information on Energy Healing or to book please contact me