Corporate Yoga

De-stess, revitalise, refocus

I have worked in corporations for over 10 years and taught corporate yoga at open days as well as 1-1 sessions.  My background gives me a unique insight into how to tackle the well-being problems sometimes associated to the workplace – stress, tiredness, depression etc.  Yoga helped me tremendously and enabled me to excel within the workplace and outside.  I work with a team of teachers so we can offer corporate yoga as a flexible solution to a business’s needs.



  • Yoga in the work place: 30 minutes – 120 minute sessions are available
  • Personal (1-1) yoga consultations in your offices for your staff. A range of yoga postures and breathing techniques can be used to help regain vitality and peace of mind. 30 – 90 minute are available
  • Corporate Yoga retreats – we can arrange for long revitalising yoga weekends or weeks away. A great way to create team spirit and revitalise your staff

For a corporate yoga session please contact me