New Venue for Masters and Angels come join us…



Skylight Centre, near Highbury & Islington Tube

Wednesdays* 6.45pm – 8.15pm (£12)

*We have this Wednesday slot till the end of August 2014, but after that time pre-existing bookings will mean that we will not have classes every week for a while… I shall have a calendar that will notify you of the days available after August 2014.

The Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT


I am very glad to have found a new venue for my weekly Masters and Angels class.

The venue is the Skylight Centre, 5 mins from Highbury & Islington tube. It is a beautiful space, in a quiet road, I look forward to you joining me there. The class is on Wednesdays starting at 6.45pm finishing at 8:15pm. All levels are welcome. Price £12. The venue has lots of cushions and blankets, we will have some yoga mats but if you have one and are able to bring it please do.

If you are new this type of work, here is a little more information.

Masters & Angels In this class we shall explore the world of Ascended Masters and Angels. It is a ‘down to earth’, practical look at healing with these energetic beings and how they fit into our daily lives. Each week you will receive an energy healing, which can help you let go of old patterns, bring guidance and manifest prosperity in your life. We shall also look at how human needs such as love, prosperity, health, joy etc. can be supported by healing with light beings. Anyone is welcome to this class; we start with an introduction before beginning with the healing which is normally received while lying down comfortably.

The class can now be booked on Meet-up so click to RSVP