My First Energy Healing


I remember my first energy healing session around 9 years ago. Life was going okay but there was certainly room for improvement; I didn’t know exactly what but I just knew that something needed to change? I spotted an advert in a café offering reiki treatments at a venue nearby, I took note of the number and deliberated. I went through a whole range of questions and research, what was reiki? was it real? Did it do you any real good? Could it harm me, Would the person offering it be weird? But in the end I decided to go. The practitioner was lovely she made me feel really welcome and the energies were wonderful, they relaxed me deeply, I could feel things release within my physical body. At the end I felt really good but also a little taken aback. What had happened? She started to talk about my chakras, which ones were clear which ones were blocked, she then asked me questions about my past based on these observations…she was very accurate! I understood then that I could not hide or surpress things because all was known through these chakras that people could feel or see. I was hooked. My journey to become a healer truly began when I received that first healing….I thought this would be a beautiful thing to be able to offer another person. The question  to answer now was could I do it…….