Law of Attraction/Clarity – Part 1


Clarity is one of the keys to the law of attraction; if our clarity is muddled our attraction is muddled. The first thing is to know who is doing the driving, is it your Higher Self or your Hidden Self/ Shadow? If it’s the latter then it’s time to get to know the other guy/lady!  Become familiar with your higher self it is your direct connection to source and the best way to manifest in line with your needs.

So where does the higher self-live? Perhaps a strange question for something we view as formless, but it all points to the heart; ‘the seat of the soul’. It is also the home of one of our guidance systems, the neutral mind, a form of intuition based on feeling which is also related to the 4th Chakra Anahata.

Cultivating an awareness of intuitive, feelings and emotions through the higher self gives us a way to understand what we really want, however, this is not the same as becoming emotionally driven. So what is the difference? Emotions have a charge, when we become emotional hormones and glands have been triggered, a chain reaction has been set off! Discerning what to do in this space is extremely difficult.

Intuiting from our emotions is different, it is the ability to remain neutral and interpret feelings as sign posts to specific needs or actions. To do this requires a certain degree of calm and focus, but this can be obtained by slowing and deepening the breath, you will be surprised how quickly you can develop this skill. You can also start by building the habit of listening or witnessing the feelings of the heart. ‘What is it trying to say?’, ‘What wisdom does it wish to share?’ Kundalini yoga meditations and mantras are great at developing the neutral mind.

This skill is important to discerning a true thought from a cloaked thought. Our mind can be influenced by unresolved subconscious patterns or projections, it can cause us to misinterpret.  Listening to the heart can give us a glimpse of the truth;  for example the thought  “ I really need to get a new job” becomes “ I really need to stand up to my boss” or “I want a new relationship” becomes “I really want to be heard”.

Knowing the difference between a cloaked thought and true thought can be tricky, but practice with an intention for the highest good and you will get there. Any mistakes as with all parts of life should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and refine. From my experience intuitive feelings have a pleasant neutral resonance, there is no shouting inner voice, though it can feel very direct. Our higher self tends to have a quality of deep peace and ease, it has no need for extreme euphoria or anger, it is understated while also possessing great depth.