Distance Healing

Energy healing techniques can be received remotely.  This is a great way to receive healing if you cannot easily get to a centre for a 1-1 treatment.  We begin with a telephone call or skype conversation, we discuss what you are working with and the best approach for the treatment.  Then It’s time to relax and enjoy the next hour!


Healing Spiral

I tune into you then connect to the healing energies of the ascended masters & angels.  These energies are universal and can be invoked at distance; if this is a difficult thing to comprehend, we have long been able to connect at distance between each other; though quite possibly we don’t know we are doing it.  Think of the twin that senses what the other is going through even though they may be separated by a continent.  Many animals do it especially when it comes to communicating danger or when migrating.  The best thing to do is give it a try, there’s no better way than having the experience so you can decide for yourself.

The key thing for a distance healing is to approach it as if you were going to a Spa or Holistic Centre.  There’s no point really if you are going to be half watching TV, or minding the kids.  If there are other members of your household around just let them know not to disturb you for the next hour.  Then lie back and relax, I recommend not falling asleep; so lying flat on a yoga mat or reclining chair are good options.  If you must use a bed create an arrangement that is not the same as going to bed, i.e. remain in you day clothes.  Make the bed and lie on top of the bed, don’t use a pillow – use a cushion from a chair or a folded blanket for your head, ensure you are warm –  use a blanket or shawl.

Everyone receives a healing differently; some people feel the energies acutely within their bodies often as pleasant warming or cooling sensation; those who are quite visual people may see colours or you may feel or see nothing that’s fine too; the energy is still doing its work.  At the end of the session we can close with chat or I can send you an email with my observations – That’s it.  The healing can open things up for you drink lots of water and see how life may be opening up for you.