Quick Guide to Ascended Masters & Angels

Who are they, how do they work and what can they offer us.  If you can imagine that the world is divided into layers of vibration, lower to higher.  If you exist at higher vibrations you can see how things really are; you understand life more completely.  Ascended masters and angels are high vibrational beings of energy that we can access in this great age of change to help us.

What are Ascended Masters and how did they get to be Ascended?

Listening to the universe is how great spiritual teachers of the past and present understood the seen & unseen. Some merged with source; this amazing, fathomless, nameless aspect of us that pervades everything, the Yogis called it Samadhi, Buddha called it enlightenment, Christ unconditional Love.
Masters who understood the nature of the universe ascended and were able to exist at this higher level of vibration (you could imagine it as an invisible executive floor in an office that is accessible once you have the right door code!). So they understood the game on earth and gained access to the next level and this next level is pretty amazing!

Masters in this level of vibration, rather like us have jobs to do. Some are seeking to help us on our quest to understand ourselves, through healing and guidance.  Ascended Master Healing is when a practitioner connecting to these energies, directs them for the wellbeing of another.




Can I access the masters myself?

Well the great thing is that this age is about preparing ourselves to develop spiritually, so while the yogis of old had to sit in caves to figure this out, we have a few more options.  Developing a meditative practise is one, another can be through an attunement.

What is an attunement?

The masters are pretty benevolent beings and an attunement is like a special access key to the executive floor…it’s not full access, but it helps you to directly connect to their energies.  Some healers/ teachers are able to provide this type of attunement, it is normally a very quick process and is like a transfer of energy via intention, that opens you up to receive more.

The result, you can begin to connect directly and benefit from these amazing beings.  This connection, however, is like a muscle you need to practise in meditation to see how this works for you.

So who are the masters? There are familiar ones; like Buddha and Lord Jesus and then perhaps the less familiar like Quan Yin, Merlin, St Germaine , Babaji and many more….  Each one has a different emphasis or skill. St Germaine for example is known to help people with manifestation, Jesus for divine love, Quan Yin compassion..etc.

So how do Angels differ?

Angels never existed on the earth plane they have always existed at a high vibrational level.  They are light/energy beings, and like the masters each has a different role to play.  They can be accessed in the same way as the Masters.

So who are they?

As with Ascended Masters there are many,  the  7 Archangels for one here are 3 of them. Metatron, Michael and Gabriel, Metatron is like the architect structuring the evolution of the universe and life , providing wisdom and healing.  Gabriel assists with your communication with the divine and your life purpose; Michael the great protector, helping  with boundaries and shielding you from negativity.


Archangel Gabriel


Why should I connect with them?

The vibration we are in is dense, making life feel like a real struggle, we can feel lonely or isolated.  Ascended masters & Angels are like a wise head to turn to, they offer us support in the most beautiful of ways they may grace us with their touch, a healing or a beautiful synchronistic moment.  They are here waiting for you to share their grace.

I will be running  workshops, trainings around Ascended Masters and Angels – please contact me for more information.