I was born and grew up in London – an amazing city but sometimes difficult place to live in.  I worked in the city for many years and was lucky enough to discover yoga and healing techniques that transformed my work and home life.  Now, as a teacher I am passionate about sharing real-world ‘teachings’ with everyday people, whatever their background or level of experience.


Driven by a passion for learning, I combined a traditional western education and career, with an exciting exploration of the esoteric. For 15 years I investigated and practiced many doctrines and healing systems, which for me was a necessary journey to embody a modern spiritual life.

My goal as a teacher is to empower students to develop a practice they can take anywhere in life: the airport terminal, busy shopping mall, a doctor’s waiting room or even the 100m start line!  All can become places of peace, focus and vitality.

There is a golden thread that guides us in life; even if lost in the darkest of forests there will be a sign that will take you back to the path .  Finding and following these signs has always been the most interesting & fascinating part of my life and as a teacher and I  share what I know.